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      All Parts International a professional global distributor of electronic components.With years of experience,we have set up a strong team of suppliers,the stable source channel will make your purchasing moment to be a pleasant trip.Our salesmen can provide quick and accurate responses to your enquiries,our purchasers will absolutely source only the new and original parts for you,our logistic colleagues will make sure your parts to be packed perfectly and shipped on time.
    We are ready to serve you,give us a chance,we can do better.


  We can support the below parts stably.

  ATMEGA8A-PU            ATMEGA8L-8PU           ATMEGA8L-8AU            ATMEGA8A-AU

  ATMEGA16A-PU           ATMEGA16A-AU           ATMEGA16L-8PU           ATMEGA16-16AU

  ATMEGA32A-PU           ATMEGA32A-AU          ATMEGA64A-AU           ATMEGA128A-AU

  ATMEGA1280-16AU     ATMEGA2560-16AU     ATTINY13A-PU              ATTINY26L-8PU

  PIC16F526-I/SL             PIC12F1822-I/P              PIC16F628A-I/SS           PIC12F509-I/P

  PIC16F916-I/SP              PIC16F628A-I/P            PIC16F688-I/ST              PIC16F913-I/SO